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Introducing our law firm

Founded in 1993,
John Monroe Law, P.C. Specializes in Gun Rights

About Us

John Monroe Law, P.C. is the premier gun rights law firm in Georgia. It has litigated more gun rights cases in Georgia than any other firm. The firm concentrates its practice on issues pertaining to gun laws, including licensing issues and civil and criminal litigation. When other lawyers have questions about gun laws or how to handle gun cases, John Monroe Law, P.C. is who they call.

Our Firms Most Frequently Used Expertise


Challenging Weapons Carry License Denials

and resolving criminal backgrounds for clients wishing to process and purchase firearms legally or obtain weapons carry licenses.


Criminal Defense with Gun Rights Issues

including: murder or manslaughter, aggravated assault, pointing a gun or pistol at another, carrying a weapon in a school safety zone, an airport, or an unauthorized location.


Civil Cases with Gun Right Issues

Including: challenging laws or practices that restrict the possession or carrying of weapons, denials or delays in obtaining weapons carry licenses, challenging arrests or other forms of harassment for carrying weapons, protecting ranges or gun manufacturers from civil claims aimed at hurting the business, applying for pardons and restorations of rights, record restrictions and corrections, and NFA trusts


Drafting and Supporting Legislative Efforts

to ease the burdens of lawful possession and use of weapons and other issues pertaining to gun rights

For almost 15 years now I have used John’s legal services in my corporate, personal, and civic pursuits.  John’s services are consistently top-notch, learned, and creative – having achieved consistently good results for my business and family at exceptional value.  Beyond that, John is always responsive, personable, and pleasant.  He has plainly earned my business and gratitude.   

– Kelly K.


News & Updates

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