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John Monroe Law, P.C. has filed a second case within a year against the same probate judge for wrongful denial of weapons carry licenses. The judge apparently has the practice of denying applications for applicants that have arrests on their record and no dispositions, if those arrests might be related to crimes that would make the applicant ineligible.

John Monroe Law, P.C. has obtained a preliminary injunction against a high school principal in federal court in Wisconsin. The firm’s client, a high school student, was disciplined by the principal for wearing T-shirts to school that depicted firearms and other weapons. We sued the principal on First Amendment grounds. The federal district court in Milwaukee granted our motion for a preliminary injunction against the principal, so that while the case is pending the student cannot be prevented from wearing his T-shirts.

In a resolution of a years-long lawsuit John Monroe Law, P.C. has had against the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Corps has relented and now will grant permission to weapons carry licensees to carry loaded weapons on Corps property in Georgia.

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