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June 5, 2023 -- John Monroe Law, P.C. has filed a defamation action against OpenAI, L.L.C. for "hallucinations" the company's ChatGPT AI chat platform had during an interaction with a journalist. In the interaction, ChatGPT communicated completely false information about Mark Walters, a syndicated radio host. The communication was apparently fabricated out of thin air. A copy of the complaint may be read here:

June 20, 2023 -- Today, John Monroe argued a case at the Supreme Court of Georgia, challenging the state law banning all felons from possessing firearms, regardless of a showing that a particular felon is dangerous to society. Monroe argued that Georgia's law violates the U.S. and Georgia constitutions as applied to white collar, non-violent felons. A decision is expected later this year. The case is Kuhlman v. State and a video of the argument may be viewed here:

Updated: Jun 20

May 18, 2023 -- John Monroe argued a case before the Supreme Court of Georgia today, seeking to reverse a lower court's ruling that judicial immunity and the state constitution prohibit an award of attorney's fees against a probate judge that wrongfully denies a weapons carry license application. The firm represents a client who was denied a weapons carry license and the client successfully obtained a court order requiring the probate judge to issue the license. Even though state law says that a successful plaintiff in such a case shall be entitled to an award of attorney's fees, the trial court denied a motion for fees. The case is Roberts v. Cuthpert and the video of the argument may be viewed here:

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